Dissertation Design: Development and Outcome.

I went right back to the drawing board to redesign my dissertation design and began to look at successful editorial designs rather than getting caught up in the idea of the final product, which is what I think hindered myself last time. By looking at this helped redirect my thoughts on how I wanted toContinue reading “Dissertation Design: Development and Outcome.”

Dissertation Design: First Draft.

The difficulty I found when coming to designing my dissertation is the clinical form in which my dissertation is written. My dissertation titled: ‘How effective is sensory and emotional branding in reinforcing brand loyalty?’ is set out in three sections, emotional branding, sensory branding and anti branding, and in each chapter, I use three caseContinue reading “Dissertation Design: First Draft.”

FMP: Refining ideas/Preparing for hand in.

It was important for the final hand in that there was a way to connect all my outcomes together to do so I wanted to create a booklet that could explain the mission of the brand and sit alongside the other outcomes to bring them together as a cohesive and effective outcome: The aim ofContinue reading “FMP: Refining ideas/Preparing for hand in.”

FMP: Feedback and development.

After my feedback from David about my FMP, I was feeling positive with the direction in which I was going. David loved the brand identity and posters so it was important to maintain this throughout all my outcomes. From the comments that he made I began to make some edits to my logo to refineContinue reading “FMP: Feedback and development.”

FMP: Finally getting somewhere!

Wahoo I finally feel like I am getting somewhere with my FMP , feel like its taken me ages to get to this position but I can finally see it going somewhere. I found inspiration online for vector images which has inspired my illustration style which is in my outcomes. I wanted my outcome toContinue reading “FMP: Finally getting somewhere!”

Design for Real Life: Final Edits.

My summative feedback from my design for real life project was positive which I am so pleased with! I am happy that the message I aimed to spread was received successfully by my outcomes! Karyl at the Pernicious Anaemia society talked so highly of what me and my group had accomplished at our presentation, sheContinue reading “Design for Real Life: Final Edits.”