Creating an Online Presence.

When thinking about how to create an online presence, I found matts lecture of such value and importance. We began by looking at what was and wasn’t important to include  and focusing on who is the target audience and tailoring the portfolio in response to this. The objective of the online presence is to showcaseContinue reading “Creating an Online Presence.”

On Display: Further Outcome Development.

Way finding System: Following the information I got back from my formative feedback, it was made aware to me that I needed to stay away from cliches when it came to designing things around gender. I wanted to be able to represent the change in gender culture and this step forward into this new genderContinue reading “On Display: Further Outcome Development.”

On Display: Booklet Development.

During my formative feedback it was advised to me to stay away from overusing the circles within all my outcomes as the posters and booklet have come across as heavy handed, which is something I want to avoid. When it came to redesigning my booklet with this in mind, I found it a big challengeContinue reading “On Display: Booklet Development.”

On Display: Moving Image Development.

My moving image is something that I struggled creating as it is not my strongest point and therefore I think I tried to overcompensate when creating it, adding in effects that weren’t necessary and my feedback reflects this. The typographic elements in the first 8 seconds off my animation was told in my feedback toContinue reading “On Display: Moving Image Development.”

On Display: Poster Development.

My formative feedback brought to light that my posters seemed too heavy handed with its type setting and placing of elements. A strong sense of play in relation to the hierarchy across all levels of information and a small paragraph of text that gives us a contextualisation of what to expect within the exhibition. I beganContinue reading “On Display: Poster Development.”

On Display: Refining the Marque.

Following the feedback for my formative assessment and presentation of my project, it came to light that there were some weaknesses within my project. I wanted to create a stronger marque for my brand in which would encompass the overall project. Evaluation of current marque: This is the marque for my exhibition as it stands currently.Continue reading “On Display: Refining the Marque.”

Social Plastic Campaign: Poster Development.

From my original feedback from Wendy at my formative tutorial, she expressed how I needed to strip back my posters, making them more minimal by simplifying them and ‘taking out the faff.’ It was also mentioned that it would be wise to include some of the quotes from social stories on the posters themselves soContinue reading “Social Plastic Campaign: Poster Development.”