ISTD: Submission and Reflection.

Above is probably draft 10 of my istd. This has became a very challenging project for me and something I have quiet honestly struggled to get into the flow of doing. Im not sure if its to do with the crazy effects of the corona pandemic and now having to work at home without being surrounded by creatives or for my lack of motivation? But I have found it really difficult to love my outcome and have struggled to make progress. Because of my lack on interest I seemed to have no creative ideas about ho to progress with my design. The new colour Scheme worked well but I was finding it difficult to work with a large amount of text and try and evoke a sense of shock. Because to this I kept going back and forth with wether I was actually going to submit my work or not, I knew in my heart it wasn’t good enough to be award an istd so felt I should be concentrating on my other work rather than this one. After feedback with David he urged me not to get caught up in it all and simplify my design, focusing on type detail to gain a sense of personality instead of trying to achieve something big on every spread.

I feel with a lot of my outcomes I introduce a sense of illustration as painting and fine art is something I have always done up until degree level so I feel it is in my nature to try and achieve an outcome with this element. I was reminded in my feedback that I needed to evoke this sense of emotion with the use of typography, this is a new challenge. At the core of my content is quotes from those victims of child marriage and lack of consent, so it was important these were dealt with differently within the text. I was unsure in how to do this and attempted to capitalise them however as mentioned by David in my feedback, this was too much and I defiantly agree with him, however I was stuck oh how to improve this.

Above is my final design for istd submission and hand in and quite frankly I am so surprised that I managed to make it this far. This has defiantly not been my easiest project and I have had countless breakdowns in trying to get this design together but i am so proud of my self for actually achieving this and submitting it for istd.

I think the main obstacle I had during this project, (besides from covid-19) was constantly comparing myself to other people and thinking my design wasn’t good enough. Although I have got it to the state it is above I still feel that it defiantly not good enough to be awarded an istd, however I do think this ha taught me a lot about typography and developed my skills in this area as a designer which before were non-existent. I kept comparing my design to other peoples, however now looking back with reflection I realise that each design is so individual and will vary so much depending on the content itself and by doing this I was just getting myself more and more stressed and making it difficult to think with a clear head.

Working with typography was such a new skill to me and choosing to do an istd for the competitions brief was exactly the opportunity for me to try this whilst I am still at university with the chance to experiment. from the very beginning. David had mentioned how a lot of time and effort had to go in to the completion of an istd and I wanted to prove to myself and be ambitious in my final year to get a much out of it as possible.

I managed to organise may time effectively and successfully submit my work for submission which I questioned on many times wether it would be possible. leading up to the deadline I turned all my focus on to getting my istd to as good as possible and I think this payed of. when I sent my final design to David after the easter holidays his feedback really helped lift my confidence and disregard a lot of fears I had that it hadn’t improved and my overarching feeling that it was shit, but David kindly disagreed saying it was one of my strongest pieces to date! I think making the decision to focus solely on istd leading up to hand in benefitted my design in a lot of ways and didn’t disrupt the progress of my other projects. It allowed my to push myself to achieve something that I never have before and showed my willing for meeting deadlines and finishing whatever I have started.

By the submission moving to digital I think may of actually benefitted my work in a lot of ways. Because of this I was able to adopt the use of rgb colour to create the neon shades which became a big part of my design and really evoked this sense of emotion and shock that before i wasn’t able to achieve.

Overall I am so proud of myself in achieving my finished outcome for istd, when looking back to my first draft at Christmas it is crazy to compare and see how much it has grown and how my typographical skills have developed. Although I my still question wether it is good enough, taking on the project has outlined my ability to manage time effectively and meet deadlines, it has also allowed me to learn so many skills and has forced me to develop as a designer, this I feel is something that I am so grateful for, moving forward, helping my confidence and becoming a part of the industry world.

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