FMP: Refining ideas/Preparing for hand in.

It was important for the final hand in that there was a way to connect all my outcomes together to do so I wanted to create a booklet that could explain the mission of the brand and sit alongside the other outcomes to bring them together as a cohesive and effective outcome:

The aim of the booklet was to shed some light on the raw statistics and information- the core reasoning’s for the brands creation. As the outcomes hight-lights the aims and how the audience can help (e.g starting conversations), the booklet outlines why these conversations are needed and the struggles and hardships many have to go through. Having a strong sense of the brand identity was important when designing my booklet as it was key to linking all my outcomes together, using brand colours and imagery. 

I wanted the front page of my design to play with the idea of secrecy within women’s sexual health. Using a front flap which when closed shows the title and a hand, but when opened the imagery shows the hand holding a used tampon with the caption ‘Bloody hell you’re. Awesome!’ Hoping to build enthusiasm around periods and encourage those who have them, to be proud of their body for this impressive process – why should it be a secret when its awesome! I also worked with typography within the book adding blood droplets to drip of the text to show the reality of periods in a subtle way.

The editorial design helps to put context to all the outcomes. The outcomes are designed to be simple and not overcomplicate the overall message, helping conversations about these taboos to become easy to approach. Because of this, the booklet provides more information about the specific taboos and how the brand aims to help end the stigma. This booklet can work as a versatile outcome used as a pdf online, a handout within waiting rooms or as an extension to previous outcomes such as the playing cards which can be handed out as a packaging to university halls. This booklet would also benefit sitting along side the playing cards in a ‘Just’ freshers pack given to uni halls. Allowing the students to learn more about the brand and sexual health taboos as a whole package and make the playing cards a stronger outcome.

To prepare for hand in, I made sure I added the logo and a call to action at the bottom of each of my posters, this is to help direct the audience to where they can find out more about the brand. The posters aim to encourage awareness of smear tests and period problems by reassuring the target audience that they are not alone and that there is no need to worry. The sight of these outcomes will help trigger conversations about the deeper meaning.

As now hand in has gone digital, it was important for me to show my outcomes how I aimed for them to be presented, to show my design to the fullest. To do this I went back into adobe dimensions and played around once again. This was a difficult task, I am not finding adobe dimensions simple and it seems to make my laptop want to explode! I was able to create a box mock up of my tampons, this I think looks really good and helps bring the overall design together.

I also wanted to put together the idea of the ‘Just’ student to give a sense of how this brand could reach others and impact they to begin making conversations:

Here is a mock up of a concept of the box containing the playing cards and the booklet which can be given out to student halls to create conversations with a younger audinces. Packs like this could also go out to youth clubs or even schools to use as a creative fun and educational learning tool.

my final outcomes for hand in are as follows:

3 posters: the aim of these is to catch the audience in day to day life, wether that be on social media or as a flyer hand out, or as a poster in the tube and bus stops, the posters help spread the brand and capture the attention of audience with their simplistic design and catchy call outs. The aim is to encourage conversations and lead them to a platform of more information if they were wanting to find out more.

tampon box: This is to be sold as its own product along side other tampon brands within super markets etc. Its branding is designed to shock people and stand out from the rest with its explicit packaging.

animation: this outcome is to catch a wider audience on social media and outline the dangers of avoiding your smear test, again it is to make people aware and start a conversation not over power the audience with information. the links at the end of the video direct the audience to where they can find out more.

Playing Cards: the playing cards are used as an educational tool to educate a younger audience on smear tests it is a chance to empower them with confidence in doing so and help those of all genders be educated on something that otherwise they wouldn’t have been. creating conversations about smear tests between all genders and ages alike and help to abandon the stigma which currently surrounds it.

Booklet: the aim of the booklet is to give reasoning to my outcomes, the booklet offers the shocking facts and information that urged the creation of the band and the need for open conversations to end the stigma and encourage those to ask for help and go to their smear. It is a way for my outcomes to have meaning. Although the idea for the booklet was for it to be printed, it also has the possibility to be a pdf dowload which again can help the brand reach a further audience of people.

I am so happy with the way this project has turned out and I would go as far to say ti has been my favourite project to date. I believe I have successfully achieved a strong and cohesive brand which is noticeable across all my outcomes and something different to what I have seen out their already. The outcomes successfully link and their is room for it to have scope and expand and touch upon more issues surrounding women’s sexual health.

This project has challenged me and and made me use new skills and software that I haven’t before which has improved my skillset which is helpful coming to the end of my journey here at uni. I also used dimensions to create an idea of how my outcome would look in a degree show setting. As I am devastated this is no longer possible I thought it would be fun to have an idea of what it could be like.

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