FMP: Feedback and development.

After my feedback from David about my FMP, I was feeling positive with the direction in which I was going. David loved the brand identity and posters so it was important to maintain this throughout all my outcomes. From the comments that he made I began to make some edits to my logo to refine it further:

I developed the final logo into the design you see above. It was mentioned in my feedback previously that the dotted line and other elements that I previous had became to distracting and confusing to what I was trying to outline. Along with this I worked on the splash within the J as it had been mentioned by David and Ian that this needed to for better in order to clearly represent what it is. Overall I think my final logo works really well in embodying the brands identity and aims. It is what I would call simple but effective and is transferable to a range of outcomes.

Once this had been finalised I developed my poster by adding a call to action at the bottom of each, directing the audience to a hypothetical website link in which they could find more information on the brand itself and its aim of creating a conversation about women’s sexual health.

The design of my tampon box was received well however it was important that it fit alongside the posters and within the brand identity I had created, a need for the purple colour was thought to help this.

I began by adding the brand logo to the box. Here to word just can be seen to work effectively letting the box read ‘Just a box of tampons’ to highlight the normality of the box and to express the feeling of it just being a box of tampons, why do we care? Underneath I kept the same copy writing however highlighted ‘because periods happen’ using the rich purple in the brand guidelines, this is to help it stand out as a stand alone message. On the sides I began by adding elements that could be found on a regular box of tampons such as how to use them safely and the different thickness of the tampon itself. On the back it was important for the box to shed a light on the aim of the box, acting as a manifesto to the brand itself. This will allows the audience to get involved in spreading conversations about women sexual health, as well as direct the audience to how they can find more information. Overall I think the final design has worked really well and helps create a stronger identity for the brand and its mission.

As statistics show, most fears surrounding women’s sexual health is due to the lack of education around the topic. To develop this, focusing on smear tests specifically, I wanted to create a fun way to educate students and involve discussions about these topics into student culture, to increase knowledge from a younger age and to those with the largest and most impressionable community.

When moving into student accommodation as a fresher it has become a universal standard for each flat to be given a pack of playing cards to encourage games amongst flat mates in a bid to create bonds between each other. This encouraged me to design a set of playing cards as one of my outcomes during this project.

Playing cards are used a lot by students becoming a common pre drinks necessity for every student household. The Just playing cards entitled ‘No idea about your smear?’ Are design to work as normal playing cards, however with the introduced element of question and answers around the topic of smear tests to help encourage conversations and reduce any fears some may have. Each icon used throughout the brand identity to represent different smear concerns are used here as the four different suits within the playing cards. The back of each card poses a question whilst the front presents the answer along side the number and suit.

The concept behind this outcome is to encourage open conversations around the topic of smear tests and ease any building concerns that those reaching the invite age of 25, may have. By using playing cards as a means to do so, allows it to be a casual conversation had amongst peers of all genders, maybe even over a drink. It also helps smear tests to become a part of the uni culture, reducing any intimidation on the topic therefore making it less taboo.

I really like this fun and playful outcome as it is something different than I have done before. Again sticking to the brand identity it is a snappy way to reach a young target audience without the use of social media and helps to put the brand into all different areas of peoples lives.

Following on from my feedback I wanted to be ambitious and push myself to try something that I haven’t before. I began working on adobe XD to mock up an idea of a critical game as one of my outcomes.

In a bid to reach the social media audience, I wanted to create an animation which could be used across multiple platforms to spread the message of the Just brand and therefore encourage conversations about women’s sexual health.

My initial concept was to create an online interactive app inspired by the game ‘Candy Crush’. The concept behind the idea was to find matching vaginas in amongst a group of them, named ‘fannying around’. This idea was to express the difficulty of finding ones that match or ones that are ‘normal’ and express how each vagina is unique. This interactive game was designed to help reduce smear fears and act as an education tool by adding facts at the end of ever level.

Adobe XD became very easy to use and understand and I was excited with my new found skill and it is defiantly something I will use in the future. However, developing my idea further and after receiving feedback, I came to the realisation that I would be limiting my target audience if my outcome was required to be downloaded from the app store.Following on from spreading awareness around smear tests. I wanted to work on a more universal animation to be used across social media on all platforms. 

Within my feedback David mentioned the idea of playing with the concept of gambling with your chances of cancer by not going to your smear tests. This along with the playing cards was an idea which I thought could work well in producing a critical response to women’s sexual health. From this I decided to aim to create a new animation to better translate the importance of smear tests. to do this I moved onto after effects, after effects is never something which I have been confident in, my knowledge is very basic and I often find myself having tantrums when I can’t get it to work, however as it is my final ever project at university I really wanted to see if I could challenge myself.

I began developing a short playful animation based around the idea of gambling with your life when not attending your cervical screening. To do so, I began working in after effects to create a short animation with inspiration from online gambling adverts. To do this I created two short animations to sit within my main animation. The first animation reflects the idea of scratching a scratch card, with it titled ‘Do you want to gamble with your chances of gynaecological cancer?’ As the animation plays the scratch card reveals the individual illustrations representing the different worries surrounding smear tests. The last box results in a win, aiming to show that missing your screening could result in cancer.

I began by illustrating all my elements on illustrator and transferring them to after effects. After watching many YouTube tutorials which sadly were all in Korean, I somehow figured out how to create this effect and to say I was pleased was an understatement.

The animation continues as typography narrates the statistic of your increased chance of gynaecological cancer by not attending a screening and leaving it undetected. The second short animation shows a spinning slots machine, which again features the illustrated icons representing the different fears towards smear tests, again ending in a win, a reference to getting cancer.The animation then ends with a call to action of ‘start the convo. End the stigma’ this short snappy phrase encourages those with smear fears to talk to one another and spread the word about the importance of smear tests.

I am extremely proud of this outcome as animation is something that I have always found extremely challenging. When uploading my animation to YouTube I came across my animations from field in first year, It was crazy to see the development of my skills I was so pleased with myself as I almost feel that I haven’t developed as a designer throughout my journey especially on tools such as after effects, however this has proved me wrong.

I added a simple tune over the top of the animation to make it work as a simple transferable advertisement that could be used on a multitude of platforms. The language used throughout the animation is casual, this was an important aspect of the brands identity, making it friendly and approachable whilst talking about issues that people may find difficult to discuss. The slot machine and the scratch card within the animation act as a playful metaphor to the true reality of not attending your smear. Its aim is to spread awareness outlining the risks of not attending your smear test, opening up the topic for conversation. I believe this works more effectively than my previous animation as it becomes easier for the audience to relate not attending screenings, to something that we are all familiar with and often regarded as dangerous and risky game, appealing to all genders.

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