Dissertation Design: First Draft.

The difficulty I found when coming to designing my dissertation is the clinical form in which my dissertation is written. My dissertation titled: ‘How effective is sensory and emotional branding in reinforcing brand loyalty?’ is set out in three sections, emotional branding, sensory branding and anti branding, and in each chapter, I use three case studies to show how these strategies work and wether they are effective. Because of this I was confused to how I could attempt to evoke a sense of the content of my design throughout. My first idea was to design my outcomes as if it was a set of brand guidelines. I began to create a mood board on Pinterest on how this could be achieved.

My initial concept at the beginning of my development when printing was a viable option, was to print each section separately and put it together in a file, such as a pack of different branding outcomes. I knew I wanted to use bright colours to reflect the emotive qualities which these have on the consumer however was unsure on how to achieve this effectively,

When I began to put my ideas together on how my dissertation could look as branding guidelines, I found this a more challenging task than first expected as branding guidelines often seemed to have minimal text, explaning each element of the colours and logo of the brand itself, whilst my dissertation didn’t do this, it involved a range of brands and the use of images was something used a lot as part of my dissertation. As formative submission was getting close I put something together to show a direction in which I could take my diss design, in all honesty I didn’t put much thought into my first draft of dissertation design as it had taken a back seat to all my other deadlines.

My feedback from my first design, seen above, wasn’t all that positive, but on reflection I can understand why,. Although I tried to recreate the idea of brand guidelines, it was unsuccessful and resulted in me putting pointless elements into the design which only confused it. I needed to evoke a sense of what my dissertation was about through typography instead of asking elements to do this for me. As sensory and emotional are a big part of my dissertation there are many ways in which this can be evoked however I didn’t put much effort into trying to achieve this in the first draft. It was said by David that I needed more dimension to the design and more typographic elements such as folios and running heads. After all I learnt from the progression of my istd, I needed to put these ideas into play to achieve a piece of work that I am happy with.

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