Criticality: Making Final Changes.

I am so pleased with the feedback that I received from my criticality outcome! I was thankful to know that my concept true reality of social media likes was translated to the viewer without a explanation easily. As I was previously contemplating the background of the outcome, I was happy to hear that it was received well with comments that the social presence seen on the screen saver is missing from reality.

To push the design further it was suggested that i add notifications from other social media platforms to translate how these lies behind likes are not just limited to Instagram.

Above is my final design for my criticality project, to push it further I added in to Facebook notifications, which indicate that the social lies behind likes can translate though other social media platforms. I changed the Facebook notifications to ‘status’ and ‘post’ to make them fit more to the individual service, it also allows to viewer to see how likes art just limited to photos. The blue and pink icons helped to tie the warm and cool elements of the background to the foreground.

It was mentioned to complete my outcome that it would be wise to add a short paragraph of information that accompanies the image, to support the detail of the image:

Lies Behind Likes.

In the 21 century, the action ‘to like’ has evolved its meaning due to the introduction and expansion of social media. My outcome aims to explores the reality behind likes on social media platforms by showing a phone filled with notifications reflecting the real reasons why people ‘like’ things on these platforms. The screensaver on the phone helps to delve deeper into these issues, showing a false reality of an ideological life, whilst the background of empty lounge aims to shows the true reality of a false sense of social presence.

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