AfterLife: Smörgåsbord.

I loved the work from smorgasbord ever since I saw them present their work at the ‘It Will Glow’ event at the design festival late last year. Their work was at a standard in which I aspired to be at, my favourite being their branding for Wales, so was excited to hear what more they had to say about their journey to smorgasbord and how the company had got to the standard its at today. Callum Richards who was a graduate from two years ago was joined by Vicky Beech to give us the talk and advice on how to approach designing in the real world.

Callum talked about how he aimed to be a master of none instead of trying to focus and specialise on just one skill, to help make him more employable, becoming a jack of all trades. After university Callum talked about the difficulties to get a job straight away and how he used internships as a way to develop as a designer, he mentioned the importance of working in a city where you will be inspired to work everyday, design is everywhere and your surroundings will inspire you! I thought this was some of the best advice, however simple it may be the importance of feeling inspired is pivotal for careers and developing and growing as designers. Callum and Vicky also touched on the importance of building a strategy before designing and how it was important to aim to be good at what you do instead of aiming to become well known. By becoming good at what you love you will become well known on your won accord.

Although they presented their work at smorgasbord which has an overlap to their ‘It Will Glow’ presentation, I continued to be inspired by their work. It was also very motivating to see Callum, someone who has been in my shoes, progress so well over the years since university. Seeing him working on high profile design projects, has helped me realise that I need to push myself with my work to achieve good design.

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