AfterLife: Ben Steer.

Ben Steer from Fiasco Design came in to give a lecture in todays afterlife. I really enjoyed Bens talk as he was able to offer some good advice when it comes to applying for jobs, something in which hasn’t been mentioned in previous afterlife. This information I find so vital moving forward and it is very helpful to hear it from someone with lots f experience in the industry.

Ben stated of his talk that explaining that the year in which he graduated was also the year of the credit crash therefore he found it difficult to get a job, he wanted to make it clear to us that because of this it is so important to talk to people and make contacts during this time, these contacts can last a life time and really help you in the future even if it doesn’t seem so likely at the time. he expressed the importance to ‘just do it!’ push yourself to your fun, potential and make it happen, he said ‘opportunities are born from passion’ which is something that has stayed with me since the talk and I think is so important when producing work. When I have struggled to produce work I am proud of previously it stems from loosing my passion with what I am doing, it is important to make sure I don’t loose this passion, applying and striving for things I want to do in the future when looking at career prospects.

When creating work it is important to avoid trends, do what you think is interesting and different!Be curious, always ask questions and dig deeper which will help you learn by doing. Ben also said to remember that it is ‘a marathon not a sprint’ he reiterated the importance of enjoying our journeys as designers and the process of getting to our goals.

When applying for jobs Bens first word of advice was to ‘do your homework!’ and offered up some important top tips for emailing companies when applying for jobs:

  • The subject line is so important! – it is an immediate way to grab the attention of the reader and stop it from getting lost in a mountain of similar applications.
  • Know who you are talking too! – Make sure you are addressing people directly in the email, making it personal showing you have knowledge of the brand by being specific.
  • Branded CV – when attaching your CV make sure that it is branded! As a graphic designer it is imperative that you CV reflects this and that you have linked your website in your application.

Bens talk really helped my preparation in the application process of job hunting and for this I am so thankful that ben was able to come speak to us!

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