Design for Real Life: Final Edits.

My summative feedback from my design for real life project was positive which I am so pleased with! I am happy that the message I aimed to spread was received successfully by my outcomes! Karyl at the Pernicious Anaemia society talked so highly of what me and my group had accomplished at our presentation, sheContinue reading “Design for Real Life: Final Edits.”

Penguin: Development to Final Outcome.

After my group tutorial with Ian I was able to get feedback from my initial design on how I could push it further. Ian an my peers brought up some good points to how it could be improved, which I agreed with throughly after seeing it printed, the design didn’t have as much depth asContinue reading “Penguin: Development to Final Outcome.”

Criticality: Making Final Changes.

I am so pleased with the feedback that I received from my criticality outcome! I was thankful to know that my concept true reality of social media likes was translated to the viewer without a explanation easily. As I was previously contemplating the background of the outcome, I was happy to hear that it wasContinue reading “Criticality: Making Final Changes.”