FMP: First Designs.

After researching and looking into lots of inspiration for my project, I thought it was best to move forward and start some designing. I found that by looking at a lot of variation of projects it almost cause a creative block on my side as I couldn’t seem to look past the ideas that I had seen.

My initial reaction for creating critical work as a response to creating a conversation around women sexual health was to make it bold, screaming and shouting periods in a contrast to period products that are already out there. Therefore I started by using bright red’s and orange as my initial theme. Although I could only think of showcasing the tampon on the box as my idea, with no direction to where I was going with this and really no sense of this brand that I wanted to create.

Everything I was producing I found was very predictable for the topic and what I was trying to achieve. Nothing I was creating was exciting me and I kept finding myself at a dead end, almost unsure with what I am trying to achieve. I wanted to try and change this I tried a different approach, trying to target womanly issues instead of just showing a tampon. I found inspiration from a picture of bloody pants and thought this could be a fun way of approaching this issue, slightly different to how you would’ve predicted.

However the outcome of this I was not happy with. It came across as childish and just a bit silly, almost making periods and tampons into a joke which is the opposite of what I want to try and achieve. I went back to the drawing board to start the concept again. This again was a struggle, I just felt my ideas were so minimal and everything I created didn’t inspire me to make any more work. As it was approaching our interim crit I was beginning to panic as I didn’t really have anything to show besides from ideas of things that I didn’t like. I wanted to get something together to show so I tried a different approach, creating an abstract design.

The concept behind these was creating an abstract vagina with hearts to show how this is something we should care about. Using bright reds and oranges.

My ideas behind this concept was to show the idea of the vagina with a plastic slide on cover of a tampon to representation and show how a tampon works. Something that everything is always ignored within conversation. however I went into the tutorial not being overly happy with the work I have produced. It seemed predictable for what I wanted to achieve as well as not really doing much for starting the conversation.

I presented this in my interim crit, going away with the advice to focus on one issue, wether it be smear tests or period products, attempting too almost celebrate the vagina and think of the extreme in which I could go to throughout this. This worried me however because although I want to normalise the conversations around this I didn’t want it to become a explicit and vulgar campaign full of vaginas, I wanted it to be something more clever and playful especially as things considered this will be a project that my parents will come and see! After my tutorial I went away feeling no more confident with what direction I was heading in with my work, following this I went on to have a one on one meeting with David where he suggested I play with metaphors, referencing looking back on my editorial from first year, looking at things super literal and playing with the cliche.

For my next step the next thing I can do is carry on with my research and just start producing work in hope that something comes to me. I am beginning to worry about where this is going to go… I have the ideas in my head I just can’t seem to get them on the page!!

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