FMP: Taboos in Woman’s Sexual Health.

Taboos around woman’s sexual health have created barriers within society, they are something which are not talked about or discussed in society, almost promoted as something to be ashamed of, but why is this? Why has period become a bad word, something we avoid saying. Through my final project I want to attempt to normalise woman’s sexual health.

What are the taboos?

  • Periods
  • Smear test
  • yeast infection
  • thrush
  • BV
  • discharge
  • chlamydia
  • effects of the pill
  • menopause

I began to research into taboos around woman’s sexual health and was surprised to see the way this has endangered women and their medical health. When looking into information around smear tests I discovered that 21,000 women are being diagnosed with one of the five forms of gynaecological cancer each year in the UK, however it was surprising to hear that screening rates have dropped to their lowest level in two decades with one in four women not taking up their invitation. With smear tests preventing up to 75% of cervical cancer, this statistic is very concerning! Women don’t talk about periods and their sexual health because it is looked down on, because of this it makes it more dangerous as many women don’t realise when they are bleeding for the wrong reasons, many people are not told they will bleed every week, let alone how to deal with it hygienically. It was common to hear throughout the articles that I read that silence hinders attention, even in medical situations women feel ashamed and embarrassed to talk about their problems. This culture of silence means that many people don’t know what’s healthy and what’s not.

I began by looking into what I was aiming to do with the project moving it forward. I already have a lot of campaigns within my portfolio from over the past three years, therefore I wanna avoid this. Wanting to be ambitious I thinking my initial idea is to do some branding of tampon boxes etc as a critical response to this problem.

After having a tutorial with Theo he aided my research to look at already existing critical design to start conversations as well as existing packaging for tampons etc too see what they are doing wrong and that already exists.

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