FMP: Development.

I wanted to research more into taboos surrounding woman’s health, which there seemed to be a lot of information online. It became clear to me that smear test was an important one to tackle within my project, I was surprised to discover that screening rates were at their lowest level in two decades. With one in four women not taking up their invitation to her screened. with 21,000 women being diagnosed with one in five forms of gynaecological cancer each year in the UK, this message was clearly important to spread.

I also discovered the negative effect that lack of conversation around women sexual health can have on a woman, putting them in danger of health risks. Women often feel uncomfortable to talk about periods and vaginal problems as it has been made into a bad thing within society.

I decided that throughout my project it is important that I address the silence, making conversations about sexual health normal. I decided to make a mood board surrounding my current ideas. At this beginning point I want to focus on creating packaging to normalise the idea of tampons and sanitary towels. It was clear when looking at packaging that already existed that the idea of ‘discreet’ and ‘secret’ was something that was a running theme throughout. Along with this the packaging all seems to be very feminine trying to hide what it actually is, with the word ‘tampon’ ‘sanity towel’ ‘period’ mentioned In small writing, if at all.

‘secrecy is the key element to the modern period.’

‘in one study, people had a worse impression of a woman who dropped a tampon out of her bag.. and even avoided sitting near her’

In a tutorial with David, I expressed my idea and thankfully it was well reviewed! I now needed to follow this with further research to help me develop my concept.

I found a lot of inspiration for ways in which I could express this idea.

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