FMP: Initial Ideas.

Thinking about what topic to base my final major project on is a stress to say the least. With such a major project, It is key to everyone that they produce a set of work in which they are proud of and happy to show to family and people in industry.

When talking about it with my peers in the lead up to the briefing, it seemed that a lot of people already had a concept in which they were eager to take forward, something in which they were super passionate about and that they have been thinking about since first year… this however was not my case at all! I had a quick brain storm and initially thought about colour as a concept. Colour has always been something that surrounds my work and within my paintings up to university level I would also use colour in creative ways to produce my outcomes. With this initial idea I started looking into colour perception such as colour blindness and researching into blindness as a whole topic as it was interesting to me how people who have never seen colour visualise it as a feeling.

I started to look at projects surrounding this idea and further research into the idea of colour perception and colour psychology in which I had touched on a bit within my dissertation. I knew I really wanted to be ambitious and push myself for my final piece of work at uni, taking advantage of opportunities I may not get again, therefore for my outcomes I want to try and do something interactive swell as branding or creating a typeface.

My initial thoughts were to brand colour blindness, create infographics, create an interactive campaign (although I wasn’t too keen on this as had already created so many campaigns during my time at university). I loosely decided on titling my topic ‘colour perceptions: an investigation into how colour is perceived’ , I submitted this as my initial idea without giving it much thought as I had to go to work so told myself I would revisit it tomorrow and finalise an idea for my project.

As I researched further into this idea of colour I felt as if it was limiting, focusing it around colour meant I had to use a lot of colour or none at all and would put a lot of stress onto this within the final outcome, following this I wasn’t quite sure what I would create from it, as I am not colour blind myself, I lacked first had experience that might be helpful for this topic. We also got sent through an email with some examples of the initial ideas of the students last year, and colour blindness was one of the topics someone used, this made me question wether to move forward with this idea. I went back to the drawing board and started mind mapping more ideas.

THE STRESS AND WATER WORKS BEGAN! Talking to friends and family about ideas for the FMP, it was apparent that it needed to be something that I was really passionate about and the sad reality was shown that I don’t seem that passionate about much and with no connection to blindness or colour blindness this idea of colour perception seemed to be heading no where. I just had no ideas and I felt I was wasting time going back and forth on ideas. After 2 breakdowns and no idea for my fmp, I had a discussion with my housemates around dinner when one of the girls mentioned how she had seem a girl walking around the library that day holding a bag of sanitary towels, putting them on her desk, getting one out and going to the toilet so blatantly, then keeping them on her desk as she proceeded to carry on with her work. My housemate went on to talk about how it was ‘weird’ that she wouldn’t put them away in her bag and saw this event as a bit of gossip to come home and tell us. This idea that it is unacceptable for woman sexual health to be seen or talked about is second nature to us as a society but why should it?

Finally I had an idea that I was passionate about: Tackling Taboos: Let’s talk about Woman’s sexual health!

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