AfterLife: Laura Sorvala.

Todays AfterLife was with Laura Sorvala, who graduated from Cardiff Met in 2005. She is an illustrator/ Graphic recorder who is freelance around Cardiff and London.

Graphic Recording is a new term to me, it is something that she described as drawing key ideas during events, such as scribing with drawing. Originating in the US, Laura talked about its benefit in starting collaborations to start better conversations, used as a good memory tool to retain the information that is discussed. Originally from Finland, she described graphic recording as just another visual language that she had become fluent with. this was very impressive to hear, she must have to draw at a rapid rate to keep up with the ideas talked about during events. She talked to us about the process of graphic recording, saying that drawing is only small part of what it involves, starting with: Listening, observing, synthesising (considering the main point), learning and then finally drawing. It is a way to help problem solve in a way in which I have never considered.

Laura went on to talk about her journey to becoming a freelancer, she talked about her time at uni, working on interactive design instead of working towards a portfolio. It is interesting to learn about the different ways in which the uni experience has been approached by different people, Laura took the uni opportunity to play with ideas she wanted, talking about how she didn’t plan for the future and wanted to work on things for the now. Leaving university with no portfolio was a risk for her but it eventually seemed to pay off when she got her internship at stills.

Laura also took time to talk about her many breakdowns she would have due to her job at stills, although this is upsetting to hear it is also reassuring that we all go through stuff and that this dark time in her life helped her look for new opportunities and made her realise what she really wanted to focus on and therefore became freelance. In her freelance work Laura works on producing work for social issues, wanting to make a difference in the world, thinking about the connotations of your work.

The main point that she wanted to put across is the importance of making connections! This was a good piece of information to keep at the top of my mind with whoever I meet, Laura mentioned that even if it is someone you met 5 years a go, there I still possibilities that they will contact you in later life, word of mouth is always important!

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