AfterLife: Laura Sorvala.

Todays AfterLife was with Laura Sorvala, who graduated from Cardiff Met in 2005. She is an illustrator/ Graphic recorder who is freelance around Cardiff and London. Graphic Recording is a new term to me, it is something that she described as drawing key ideas during events, such as scribing with drawing. Originating in the US,Continue reading “AfterLife: Laura Sorvala.”

Diss Design: Editorial Workshop

Today David and Ian held a workshop to help us think about layout for our upcoming dissertation design. I am exciting to start experimenting with this project and I am already exciting for the outcome that might come of it. As we have submitted our dissertation online it will be nice to have it printed,Continue reading “Diss Design: Editorial Workshop”

Criticality: Setting up for formative hand in!

I knew i wanted to print my outcome big to get the most impact for my critical design, as it is a small, singlar outcome. I therefore got it printed in A2! I think when places on the table for grading it worked really well and definatly gathered attention ans had a successful impact dueContinue reading “Criticality: Setting up for formative hand in!”

Criticality: Playing with the Concept.

I started of brain storming some initial ideas that came to my mind when I began thinking about criticality and what I wanted to portray. I initially started my ISTD project by researching into the lies behind likes on social media and the fake environment in which it generates, hindering self esteem. I thought itContinue reading “Criticality: Playing with the Concept.”

Criticality: Brief and Research.

Criticality came across as a daunting project during Theo’s briefing, leaving everyone a little confused with what exactly we were being tasked to do. It took me a little while to wrap my head around it but examples shown by Theo and conversations with my peers help to clarify exactly what was being asked. TheContinue reading “Criticality: Brief and Research.”

Afterlife: Martin Grugel.

Today was the first AfterLife of the new year and designer Martin Grugel from award winning communications consultancy, Golly Slater here in Cardiff has come to talk to us about his design journey. Martin wanted to talk us through his artistic journey that lead him to where he is today. Martin talked about his loveContinue reading “Afterlife: Martin Grugel.”

Penguin: Research and Initial Concept.

For the penguin book cover design this year I decided to create a cover for the childrens book ‘Goodnight Mister Tom.’ I had heard good things about this book before the penguin competition, so I thought I would take this opportunity to finally read the book and find out what it was all about. AfterContinue reading “Penguin: Research and Initial Concept.”