Design for Real Life: Initial Designs.

With Pateman in mind, I began by creating an illustration for the symptom: Brain fogs, which is stated on the Pernicious Anaemia website. I began by sketching out a brain and scanning it into illustrator. I wanted to have a playful and colourful illustration which wouldn’t be intimidating to look at, I wanted to encourageContinue reading “Design for Real Life: Initial Designs.”

Design for Real Life: Pateman.

I began by researching into different ways in which people have tackled posters with medical meanings. looking through Pinterest I came across Pâté, also known as Paul Pateman, is a graphic artist with a quick wit and a strong, simple aesthetic. Based in London, he creates concept-led images and type compositions for a diverse collectionContinue reading “Design for Real Life: Pateman.”

Design for Real Life: Client Meeting.

After scouring the internet for every source of information on PA and talking one on one with suffers, me and my group arranged a meeting with our client to see what they wanted us to translate through our campaign, as well as sharing our current ideas and getting initial feedback. Our clients were Liesel Schwarz andContinue reading “Design for Real Life: Client Meeting.”

Design for Real Life: Beginning Ideas.

I began playing around with different concepts and ideas in which I could tackle the awareness of pernicious anaemia. Ideas such as leaflets, social media campaigns and information design posters. The idea of comparing the ease and quickness of a jab to a common household task, was something that stuck with me. ‘it takes 2Continue reading “Design for Real Life: Beginning Ideas.”

Design for Real Life: Mentor Meeting.

We have been fortunate enough to have a mentor assigned to us to help us throughout this project. Our mentor was Charlotte Davies, a former student at Cardiff met who was able to shed a light on different approach’s on how to face the task. We arranged to meet up with her to discuss theContinue reading “Design for Real Life: Mentor Meeting.”

Design for Real Life: Idea Generation.

Our tutorial with David and Wendy was very successful in helping us all with idea generation. We shared the tutorial with the group working on ‘living with a stoma’ brief which help to compare and contrast between both briefs and get feed back from those with no knowledge on PA. Both groups seemed to be onContinue reading “Design for Real Life: Idea Generation.”

Design for Real Life: Living with PA.

Further to my research into PA, I thought it would very important to understand how people who suffer with PA feel and their stories into how they got diagnosed. Putting ourselves into the sufferer shoes is something that can really help us relate to the needs of those with PA, seeing what they would’ve foundContinue reading “Design for Real Life: Living with PA.”

Design for Real Life: Campaign Research.

Dyslexia Campaign Leo Burnett and British Dyslexia Association Create a Moment of Collective Dyslexia – One in 10 people have dyslexia, affecting their memory, personal organisation or literacy, but not their capability to succeed. This campaign successfully puts the viewer in the shoes of someone who is dyslexic, to encourage a more dyslexic friendly society. TheContinue reading “Design for Real Life: Campaign Research.”

Design for Real Life: PA Further Research.

After having a talk with our mentor Charlotte Davies, it was clear to us as a group that it would be beneficial to do more research into and around the subject of pernicious Anaemia. As it is stated in the brief and the PA website, Pernicious Anaemia is often regarded as the forgotten disease, becauseContinue reading “Design for Real Life: PA Further Research.”