Design for Real Life: Information is Power.

In todays lecture we talked about the power of information and information design in translating ideas and statistics in different ways. It is a way to express ideas more clearly to the viewer. ‘Information design addresses high level information problems to provide the most possible clarity, understanding and effectiveness. It is not important what toolsContinue reading “Design for Real Life: Information is Power.”

Design for Real Life: Pernicious Anaemic Society.

I choose the Pernicious Anaemic Society Brief for the first project: ‘Design for Real Life’ I began by reading into the deficiency in hand to find out more information about what it is and how it effects people: Anaemia – means lack of haemoglobin (unhealthy red blood cells)  Pernicious – if not treated could leadContinue reading “Design for Real Life: Pernicious Anaemic Society.”

Information Design: Dear Wendy, Ian and David.

For my data project I decided to record the different noises and sounds that I heard throughout a day during a music festival that I was attending. I thought it would be interesting to see the different sounds that I would hear, that wouldn’t be heard often in everyday life as well as being ableContinue reading “Information Design: Dear Wendy, Ian and David.”

Information Design: Dear Data.

Over the summer we have been tasked with a project in which focuses around information design. Following the project inspiration from Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec’s, Dear Data Project, I wanted to research more into it to understand why they began this year long project and the ideas behind each bit of information and howContinue reading “Information Design: Dear Data.”