Persuasion: Concept Finalisation.

For my final concept ideas, following my tutorial, it seemed most important to narrow down and focus on who the main target audience was, e.g consumers of what specific store? from here I would be able to figure out who was delivering the campaign message and therefore think of specific ways in which I couldContinue reading “Persuasion: Concept Finalisation.”

Persuasion: Concept Research.

When thinking about different ways in which I can make my campaign interesting and spark a change within the consumers supermarket shop I wanted to play with something interactive that could perhaps give a reward to those who purchase the social plastic or a way in which they could see the help they are doingContinue reading “Persuasion: Concept Research.”

Persuasion: Plasticbank.

“It‘s our mission to stop Ocean Plastic by gathering a billion people together to monetize waste while improving lives. Plastic Bank is a root cause solution to prevent the flow of plastic into our oceans.” The plasticbank is an organization that reduces plastic waste in a new way and makes in appealing for those toContinue reading “Persuasion: Plasticbank.”

Persuasion: Plastic Coalition Society.

When researching into plastic waste I came across a charity called the ‘Plastic Coalition Society’ there mission is to eliminate the three key plastic items that have global support for elimination.   ‘These 3 items were in the Top 10 items found in the 2017 International Coastal Cleanup.  As described in detail in the 2018Continue reading “Persuasion: Plastic Coalition Society.”

Persuasion: The Six Frames.

Today Wendy taught us about Bono’s six frames which can help us when researching. from using these frames it is easy to understand how looking at campaigns to do with my theme of environment will help my research and how it will help me to understand the quality of my research and whether it is beneficialContinue reading “Persuasion: The Six Frames.”