Printed Matter: 500 Word Reflection.

Printed matter has been a beneficial learning experience as it has allowed me to learn all about artists books and how they are artworks within themselves. the different ways in which a book can be created and produced is something in which I believe will be very beneficial to me in my area of graphicContinue reading “Printed Matter: 500 Word Reflection.”

Printed Matter: Book Development.

I began by identifying the images in which I wanted to use within my book and the reasons why, behind each one was chosen. I narrowed my book down to the two artists in which I had researched prior, Wassily Kandinsky and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy. The first artwork in which I interpreted was ‘Swinging’ by Kandinsky,Continue reading “Printed Matter: Book Development.”

Printed Matter: Book Proposal.

A one hundred word proposal outlining your idea for the book and how it activates your visual research material: For my final outcome of this project, I am going to create a book that explores The Bauhaus movement and the significant art that was produced during this era and that helped to shape the worldContinue reading “Printed Matter: Book Proposal.”

Printed Matter: Bauhaus Movement.

Taking inspiration from my bookmark in which I created, I wanted to being to research into the Bauhaus movement as something in which interests me and inspires my design. The Bauhaus movement was one of the most influential movements of the 20th century, a modern movement in which took inspiration from 19th and early-20th century arts andContinue reading “Printed Matter: Bauhaus Movement.”

Printed Matter: Artist Book Case Study.

After visiting the special collection of artist books within the library, we were introduced to ‘A Humument: a treated Victorian novel’ by Tom Philips. This book in particularly took my fancy, not due to the binding itself, but primarily due to what the book was made up of and contained. It was a book that isContinue reading “Printed Matter: Artist Book Case Study.”

Printed Matter: Creating a Bookmark.

We were instructed to create a bookmark or a business card for our next task. This would be something in which we would use in our screen printing induction with Laura Lille. The design should be something in which comes from our interests and our research into our interests, playing with different ways in whichContinue reading “Printed Matter: Creating a Bookmark.”