On Display: Promotional Installation.

For my promotional installation I wanted to do something that would be interactive for the people coming to visit the exhibition. I wanted it to be something in which can spread the word, as well as promote the essence of the exhibition and what it is about. I initially really struggled with coming up withContinue reading “On Display: Promotional Installation.”

On Display: Animated Moving Image.

For my moving image, I knew I wanted to create something short but snappy showing the different genders in which there are and that we are celebrating through the exhibition. I wanted it to flick through the genders in a sort of calander flip fashion. I also wanted the marque to be included within theContinue reading “On Display: Animated Moving Image.”

On Display: Instagram Design.

When thinking about other digital outcomes in which would benefit my exhibition, I immediately thought of an instagram account as it is an easy way to show pictures and gather interest of all types of people. I wanted this to be something interactive and something in which would help to celebrate the brand and theContinue reading “On Display: Instagram Design.”