On Display: The History of Pink and Blue.

When looking further into gender stereotypes the idea of colour is something that comes into play predominately and creates the divide in gender from a young age. Pink and Blue are the colours that separate the male from the female and install the gender barrier from a young age. This only came into play however followingContinue reading “On Display: The History of Pink and Blue.”

On Display: Research and Group Tutorial.

Gender Neutrality: Many parents are now brining up their children as gender-less, to limit the ‘shackles of being assigned a pink dolly toy at birth and so on’ ‘whatever the gender of our unborn child we are going to call it baby’ Trending Issue?- Paloma faith is raising her children as gender neutral John LewisContinue reading “On Display: Research and Group Tutorial.”

Critical Material Culture: Week 1.

Rethinking Material culture To start off the first session of constellation , we looked at a ted talk by Professor Stuart Walker and what he was arguing for or against with the idea of ‘We can, but should we?’Walker argues for the quadruple bottom line and for a wisdom economy, he therefore argues that weContinue reading “Critical Material Culture: Week 1.”

On Display: Initial Ideas.

For this brief we are tasked with branding an exhibition focused around one of the following five themes: Eat Me!, Brutalist Architecture, Beyond Boarders, Etymology and Glitch. Eat Me!:  could be focused on food culture, the ideas were discussed to talk about current issues, such as the idea that edible plastic is being created, orContinue reading “On Display: Initial Ideas.”

100 Marques Group Discussion.

Today we reviewed everybody’s 100 logo designs. it was interesting to see all the different styles and representations that everyone created about themselves and the progression from the first designs to the last designs. We did a dot evaluation on everyone’s logos, we were given 3 green dot stickers in which we were instructed thatContinue reading “100 Marques Group Discussion.”

Introduction to Branding.

Today was the introduction into our first Level 5 project which focuses around Branding. We started by having a seminar talk by Theo and David about what branding is and the concept behind it. It is said that branding describes the impression that “you would like to make on” customers / your target audience. Branding is notContinue reading “Introduction to Branding.”