On Display: Poster Designs.

With my new marquee now designed, I moved on to create some posters which helped to show of the brand and promote the exhibition.

I wanted to use this idea of a constant repeated word to rally push the idea of how many genders there are now and empathises the theme of the exhibition. I played with the opacity of this repeated word and added on the attachments on the them to show all the different genders in the same was in which the name ‘GENDER(ation)’ is written.

Screenshot 2018-10-28 at 14.49.03

This is my first finalised design for a poster. I used the repeat of the full stop to separate the main bullet points of the show.Screenshot 2018-10-30 at 13.12.10.png

For my second design I wanted to pay with the thicker band and a simpler design.

Screenshot 2018-10-28 at 14.39.18

For my Final poster I wanted to bring in some of the photography that might be used within my exhibition to make it more visually exciting and showcase more of what the exhibition is about.

I first of all played with using a photograph to replace the line of the circle, however the image seemed to get lost in translation pretty easy.

I then began to use the outline of the circle to act as a frame for the pictures. this I thought worked a lot better and was able to merge the marquee with the exhibits nicely, keeping the brand cohesive.

I wanted to use pictures of people who have become know for breaking the gender boundary and celebrated gender fluidity and who they are. I included people such as Christine Jorgensen (bottom right) who was the first person to have gender reassignment surgery with the inclusion of female hormones which made her a known star in the 50’s, Ana Mendieta’s Facial Hair transplant 1972, which became a well-known artwork in which she created to show her gender fluidity and people such as Ulay (middle top), whose polaroids entitled S’He subjec­tively and narra­tively explored the role of social gender.

I worked with placing these in the background of my posters, changing the opacity to play with the effect of the design again repeating this use of the full stops to relay the important information about the show and keeping this idead of the repeated word of gender throughout.

Screenshot 2018-10-28 at 15.16.55Screenshot 2018-10-30 at 13.27.48

I am happy with the way in which all these posters have worked out and believe they work together well cohesively, keeping within my brand guidelines. I just need to adjust the colour of the final posters so that the logo colour is consistent throughout.

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