On Display: Creating a New Identity.

After my talk with David it was apparent that I had to finalize my visual identity and clarify more what my exhibition was about as he felt that I was limiting myself by putting boundaries on my designs.

I went back to the drawing board and began to brain storm about a marquee in which could summarise my exhibition and act as a stamp on all my designs to brand them and keep them cohesive as previously this is something I didn’t have. When in my tutorial with David, we talked about this idea of using a circle as it is the gender sign for “genderless” which helps sum up the idea behind my exhibition that there are more than two genders and we should be celebrating this. I played with adding a full stop next to the circle to make the sign more powerful, sort of to say ‘this is now’ ‘this is how it should be’.

Once deciding on the logo it was difficult to decide on an exact colour scheme. I found that pink and blue did a great job of merging the two genders together visually, however these two colours are also very predictable when it comes to gender because of this I wanted to play with trying to modernise the colours, by using slight of colour tones of both pink and blue to see how they would look as a gradient over the logo.

I took inspiration from the repeated circles within the book ‘printed matter’ by Drunkwerk. I loved the overlay of colours and the bold impact in which they have.

Screenshot 2018-10-30 at 12.17.09

These were the colour swatches in which I began to play with to see how they would look on the marquee.

I also played with the introduction of the gender signs to see how this would look, but decided again to looked to predictable and cliché.

Screenshot 2018-10-27 at 22.31.28It was hard to decide on the colours in which were too safe. I played with adding in a third purple colour to the gradient to empathises the surging of pink and blue, however I began to think this made it look too pretty.

Following my talk with David it was also important to come up with a new name to sum up my new focus in celebrating genders within my exhibition. After a brain storm I came up with the name ‘Gender(ation)’ a play on words with generation, to sum up how my exhibition is celebration how we are a gender fluid generation.

with this decided I started to play with placing the name of the exhibition over the logo to see how it would look as one. I also began to play with chasing the thickness of the circle. I used the font ‘Copper Hewitt’ in Bold for my typeface as I beloved it was a bold and strong yet a bit playful which I think translates the theme of my exhibition as it if exciting yet informative.

I final decided on the two below for my finalised marquee. I decided to play with a thinker band to form my circle and place some of text outside of the circle to also show how we are breaking the boundaries that were once there. I decided to put the word gender in capitals as i want it to stand out above the rest as it is the core of the exhibtion. I decided on a dark red-pink and a dark taupe-green to modernise the traditional pink and blue.


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