On Display: Creating Poster Outcomes.

Finally having come to some sort of terms with a logo idea, I decided to move onto something else which I hoped would help conjure up more ideas about  the direction of my visual identity.

My first idea for a poster was to incorporate a wall built by a kids toy to express the fact that this wall was forced upon us by advertisement and manufactures, in that they realised by colour coding products to aim them at genders, they would therefore sell more of the product.vI wanted to incorporate this by creating a Lego wall of pink and blue of the focus point of my first poster.

I started of by designing Lego blocks on illustrator.

Screenshot 2018-10-22 at 15.57.11

I started of playing with different shades of both blue and pink in which would represent both male and female according to the gender colours in which we are associated with. I wanted to use different shades to give it a rustic look, something in which a child would’ve made. However I wanted to make the divide between the genders more visible as the wall didn’t seem to represent much at this point as the colours were too blended.

Screenshot 2018-10-22 at 16.25.10

I decided to separate the pink and blue blocks to show this divide more, but tried to blend the blocks in the middle to represent how both genders and moving into one gender and no longer being distinguished as pink and blue.

Screenshot 2018-10-25 at 15.47.55

I began to refine my idea a bit more by limiting my colour palette to just one tonne of pink and blue to give it a cleaner and more distinct look. I also wanted the Lego blocks to look more 3D so I began to add shadows to every look in which I believe really helps pull the overall look together. I moved away from trying to blend the blue into the pink as the aesthetic of this was weak and a bit confusing to what exactly it was representing. Using this as my main focus I went on to play around with titles and adding important information onto the poster that informs us about the exhibition.

Screenshot 2018-10-24 at 15.21.55

This poster is my finalize idea for poster one of my exhibition. I think it works well in translating what the exhibition is about without being too cliché.







For my second poster idea I wanted to play with the involvement of the ‘Pink and Blue Project’ by JeongMee Yoon, as I feel this work strongly represents what my exhibition is about.

Screenshot 2018-10-24 at 16.09.48

Keeping it simple I divide the page by pictures top and bottom to show this divide. I then placed the logo in the middle and increased the length of the coloured bars to again showcase this wall in which has been created.

For my third logo idea, I thought it were important to showcase the gender side of the exhibition as in my previous two designs, this hasn’t been obviously showcased.

I wanted to be able to show all the different genders in which we now accept by creating a collage like, design that includes them all in both pink and blue to be in keeping with this current theme.

Screenshot 2018-10-24 at 18.05.42

Although this is a cliché design I do believe it is simple but effective in distinguishing what the exhibition is about and inkeeping with the previous design rules and colour i have put on the other posters.






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