On Display: Creating a Visual Identity.

Trying to design a visual identity for my exhibition is something in which I struggled with a lot. It seems that it was easy to get tapped in this box of limited ideas and then difficult to get out of it and explore new and creative ideas.

when coming up with names for my exhibition I found it very challenging to find something that encompasses the divide in gender without it being too literal. My initial thoughts were things such as ‘Colour Boarder’ ‘Colouring outside the gender lines’ ‘Pink and blue: the colour Boarder’ ‘The pink and blue divide’ all of which were too literal and long to work as a good name and difficult to design a logo in which comes along with it.

Screenshot 2018-10-21 at 18.48.54.png

I tried looking at synonyms in which would work for the word border and wall to gain inspiration. Finding it difficult to pin point a title in which encapsulated the essence of the exhibition I went on to design some logos to see which gave me inspiration and to hopefully decided upon a name through this. However I found myself very stuck in this constant battle of trying to avoid the cliché.


Screenshot 2018-10-25 at 14.22.55

my first initial thoughts were to play with the = sign in which represents equality and also to play around with a circle in which following my research I became aware that it means ‘genderless’ and therefore free from gender in which this exhibition expresses is a possibility in the world we now live in. Again playing with the pink and the blue, I found the designs began to look like flags instead of marquees, which made them weak and not something that I could work with.

After talking to my peers to get a second opinion I decided on ‘Wall of colour’ as my exhibition name as it tells the story of how colour has formed this gender wall of division. sticking to my colour palette of pink and blue I wanted to give it a more of a mature feel so decided on darker tones for each of these colours, hoping that this will take away from the cliché behind these colours.

I began to play between the fonts ‘Copper Hewitt’ and ‘Charcoal.’ both offered a different tone to my logo ideas but both work effectively. Charcoal was able to suggest a playful and childlike tone, which is inspired by the way in which the boarders were created through children toys and clothes. Copper Hewitt however, offered a strong and bold tone to the exhibition. The use of the word wall also reflects this tone and gives the impression of something big and strong which divides genders

My idea behind the logos above, was to create some sorta of border within it, playing around with the letters to show this divide. Using big blocks of colour to enhance this even more.

Screenshot 2018-10-25 at 15.01.01

The logo in which I decided on was this one above. I wanted to use big blocks of colour to act as a divide and to impersonate this wall of colour. I used a block of pink to act as the ‘L’ and ‘F’ which I believe works well, then using blocks of blue to fill in the negative spaces to make the logo stronger and more square. I like the look of this logo however I am not sure whether it is strong enough within this project as it lacks a marquee which will let down my brand and over all visual identity throughout the different outcomes.

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