Critical and Material Culture: Week 3.

In today’s session we learnt about critical design and that critical design is. Critical design, questions the underlying assumptions and critiques the technology industry and market driven limitations. Critical design hopes to turn negative into a positive to inspire change and raise awareness, it is adapting to reveal relevance.

‘Critical design are testimonials to question what could be but also offering alternatives that highlight weaknesses within existing normality.’ – Dunne, A. & Raby, F., Speculative Everything: Design, Fiction, and Social Dreaming, The MIT Press, Cambridge MA, 2013

By ignoring the dark stuff, it is doing more harm than good because we are therefore ignoring things that need change.


Dunn and Raby (2013, pg.38) states that deign is assumed to only make things nice, which limits designers from fully engaging with the complexities of human nature. Critical design works with dark themes that are often ignored. it is more about the positive use of negativity that can excite and challenge.

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