On Display: Creating a New Identity.

After my talk with David it was apparent that I had to finalize my visual identity and clarify more what my exhibition was about as he felt that I was limiting myself by putting boundaries on my designs. I went back to the drawing board and began to brain storm about a marquee in whichContinue reading “On Display: Creating a New Identity.”

On Display: One to One Tutorial.

Today I had a one to one tutorial with David to show him my ideas and go over my design outcomes in which I have already produce. The concept behind my exhibition was well received as it is contemporary, modern and something that is buzzing and relevant in today’s world. Showing David my posters heContinue reading “On Display: One to One Tutorial.”

On Display: Creating Poster Outcomes.

Finally having come to some sort of terms with a logo idea, I decided to move onto something else which I hoped would help conjure up more ideas about  the direction of my visual identity. My first idea for a poster was to incorporate a wall built by a kids toy to express the factContinue reading “On Display: Creating Poster Outcomes.”

On Display: Creating a Visual Identity.

Trying to design a visual identity for my exhibition is something in which I struggled with a lot. It seems that it was easy to get tapped in this box of limited ideas and then difficult to get out of it and explore new and creative ideas. when coming up with names for my exhibitionContinue reading “On Display: Creating a Visual Identity.”

Critical and Material Culture: Week 3.

In today’s session we learnt about critical design and that critical design is. Critical design, questions the underlying assumptions and critiques the technology industry and market driven limitations. Critical design hopes to turn negative into a positive to inspire change and raise awareness, it is adapting to reveal relevance. ‘Critical design are testimonials to question whatContinue reading “Critical and Material Culture: Week 3.”

On Display: Exhibition Ideas.

Following my research into the divide in gender created by colour, I want my exhibition to Raise awareness of the relationship of gender and colour in the uk. I plan to have my exhibition as an educational tool to teach people about how far we have come in the developing of reducing the gender boundaryContinue reading “On Display: Exhibition Ideas.”

Developing a Visual Language.

To help us with our current project, today we had a lecture in which went through the importance of design systems and visual language. we looked at the role in which it plays  to describe, persuade, instruct and entertain and all the ways in which this can be done and the different outcomes in whichContinue reading “Developing a Visual Language.”

Critical Material Culture: Week 2.

In today’s session we have learnt about the importance of the washing machine in design as it has given people freedom. It allows people to dictate when they would like their clothes to be washed. however it explains to us how your social freedom can be taken away with these technical advances: Freedom = freedomContinue reading “Critical Material Culture: Week 2.”