Portfolio Feedback.

I found my group tutorial with Theo very helpful as it cleared my head for the type of portfolio I needed to produce. All three of us within the tutorial had produced a similar type of portfolio to show Theo so all our feedback was very similar and benefitted all of us a lot.

Theo started of by telling us what he meant by a “creative” portfolio, which is something that initially threw me off. He went on to say that he wanted our portfolios to showcase our skills as a graphic designer such as using things such as the master page to showcase what we know and have learnt within the department of those skills. When looking through my portfolio he mentioned that the use of separate pages to introduce each topic wasn’t needed, the portfolio didn’t need to be crammed with text and by adding unnecessary pages the portfolio will become to long and employers and clients may become bored. The idea of tailoring the portfolio towards mat specific line of work was also mentioned however Theo appreciated that this could be hard as we are so early on in our degree however it has given me reason to think more into this and therefore has allowed me to rethink the placement in which each piece is shown. He went on to show me his website for inspiration, that I found very helpful. He explained that the backgrounds in which he uses on his website reflect the “rustic” style work that he produces, for example having up close shots of rusting metal and wood. This defiantly helped and gave me something to think about. Finally he also told me to look for specific ‘pdf’ portfolios online, which might show me something different from just websites.

Theos tutorial was needed for me to progress with my ideas for my portfolio and has opened me up to different options in which I haven’t considered before.

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