John&Jane Workshop.

To help build upon our portfolios, we had a workshop with Gareth Strange – one half of John&Jane. Gareth talking about how to build a successful portfolio before moving on to primary talk about self branding, which is something that will become essential to us and therefore this workshop was very beneficial.

When talking about portfolios he mentioned some main points in which were important to consider, many of which I had already discovered myself through the research I had previously done.

  • Come up with your own brand identity logo/icon.
  • Put the strongest pieces of work first – to pull people in.
  • Show the types of work you would like to do.
  • Think about why would anyone hire you and tailor each portfolio specifically to the company/client.

He then gave us a workshop sheet in which we needed to fill out. This I found very challenging to do as it asked questions in which I have never considered before.

These questions allowed me to think deeper about myself and therefore more about who I am, and what my personal identity is as a designer. He then set us the task of coming up with ideas of logos for our own brand from the information we had just supplied for ourselves. This was a challenging task as it was easy to fall down a similar route to everyone else. Although I did not manage to come up with a concrete ideas as of yet, it was useful to start thinking about these things and allowed me to begin thinking how this could push my portfolio one step further.

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