Final Alterations to Editorial – Changing Faces.

I found it a challenging task to push my editorial further to its final outcome. My feedback from my formative assessment was positive however to get myself into that higher mark, David mentioned that balance and contrast of elements was something that I needed to focus on more. Struggling with the concept of how much change needed to be made, I arranged a meeting with David to go over the feedback in which I found very useful. He explained to me that I needed to experiment with moving around the elements within the spread to create this balance and contrast he was talking about, as for example on the final spread, one side lay too heavy with pure text whilst the other side of the spread was purely image.

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 19.14.19

This now made a lot of sense to me and the idea with playing with balance with my design was noticeably lacking and with this now clarified, opened my mind up to many possibilities to how I could change this and push my spreads further.

Firstly I focused on the second spread.Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 23.40.12

The position of the red emojis on this spread began to feel very unbalanced the more I looked at it. The text on the left hand page seemed to be floating seamlessly in the middle of the page and the contrast of left to right wasn’t really there. To fix this I wanted to create an asymmetrical spread, therefore the text on the left hand page would be moved to the bottom to bring back balanced and contrast into the design. To do this I began by playing around with the position of the emojis on the page.

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 13.42.13Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 13.52.09Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 14.00.40

I found It a difficult task to find the balance between both pages as it was easy to over crowd one page. The first image above is a great example of overcrowding, the left hadn’t side became too bare, whilst the right hand side became over crowed with emojis which in effect detracted from the text itself. The quote also looked out-of-place as I extended the length of the text box.

As I played round with more and more layouts I also played with the idea of opacity, wondering if lowering it would make a difference for the contrast and impact of the spread. This however did not benefit the spread at all.

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 13.59.27

Above is the final outcome of the middle page spread. When comparing my previous outcome to this, it is clear to see this works so much better and has a perfect balance which allows the spread to sit well as a whole. By moving the text down to the bottom of the page on the left hand page, really helps to create a strong contrast and a successful asymmetrical layout which looks stronger to the eye.  By placing an even amount of emojis on each side it also stops the article by being dragged down as it was previously too bottom heavy with all the emojis in which where there.

Moving on the final spread, as I mentioned earlier the balance was off between both pages within the spread, as one page was pure text and the other was purely a vector illustration. To change this and again play with the idea on improving the contrast and balance, I began by playing around with the positioning of all the elements. It was also mentioned by David that the quote in which I had used was far to long to be a pull out quotation, therefore this is the first thing I changed.

I went through a lot of outcomes when fiddling with this. I found it a difficult task to achieve the right balance of everything. I firstly played with moving the image into the middle and moving around the grey bar behind it to see how that could affect the balance of the page  width ways however I found this very unsuccessful. I began to notice that only having one quote made it hard to find an even balance as one side was always weighed down more by the red text. From this I decided it was wise to pull out another quote to hopefully help the balance of the spread work more efficiently in unison.

As I went on with more designs it began to look better with the input of the extra quote. However again I still struggled with the right layout as something didn’t sit right with any of the different layouts. From this I also experimented with different shapes, such as using a circle in the background to see how that would affect the layout, however this was also not succesful.

Going through this and eliminating layouts by trial and error, I finally came to my final outcome in which I am very pleased with.

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 18.30.17

By deciding to place the vector image in the middle of the spread, allows  balance and harmony of the two pages, as well as adding another pull out quotation which has also helped extremely well with creating this balance as it weighs evenly on each page. The thing in which I struggled with most of all throughout this alteration was deciding on the placement of the grey bar. I believe the grey bar helps extremely well will pulling everything together and stops the image from just “floating” in the middle of the page. The final decision to have the top and bottom edges of this bar as full bleed is really what pulls this whole spread together. I am overall very happy with the final changes that I have made and am confident that I have addressed the previous issues of contrast and balance very well and it has really helped to give my editorial that final push to the next level.






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