One to One Feedback.

Following the changes I had made from the previous tutorial, I was excited to see If I was on the right track to a successful book design and to hear the comments in which David had to the changes I had made.

IMG_1467Firstly it was still clear that my text needed to be justified a bit more as there were still clear rivers throughout the design.

The concentration focused mostly on the final chapter. Starting with the fold as it could be pushed further to create more of an impact – playing with the text as the fold is unraveled. Along with this it was also mentioned that the idea of turning the text upside down was a bit too confusing, David suggested a couple of ideas to show this idea of it being a contrast in stories and moods. He first of all suggested crossing through all of the text instead of flipping it upside down as it gives the same effect without making it too complicated to follow, as well as this it was suggested that I could showcase the change in story by the way in which I bind the final book, such as binding the first and last chapter next to each other similarly to the book ‘Flipped’ by In Hee bae in which I looked at in my research.

The idea of more concentration on pace was also something in which I could work with more within my book, allowing me to showcase more play within it. Playing with light and shade as well as the hierarchy and scale of the text.

From this feedback it seems that my overal book is heading in the right direction and can hopefully be a very successful piece if i continue to push my ideas a bit further.


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