Tutorial Feedback.

My group tutorial with David received positive feedback and a response that I was of to a very positive start with my design. The reasoning behind the justified text was very positive, David mentioned that the text itself could do with more refinement but overall the setting was done very well.

The colour chose of red was also seen as a good choice however it was mentioned by my peers and David that I needed to clarify my use for the colour throughout my design, as its importance had seen to have got lost. It was mentioned by one of my peers to perhaps work with the use of different shades of the colour red; light red for loving and a darker red for revenge. I thought this was a very powerful suggestion and would help to clarify the text.

Some of the pages such as this one:

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 22.52.21seemed to have too much going on with no real reason for it. David reminded me that the idea wasn’t to have something on every page and to keep my ideas refined and minimal, clarifying the systems to translate the story across efficiently.


Pace throughout the novel was also needed to be worked on, thinking about the higher arch within it and thinking about including running heads and page numbers etc.

As I was describing how my last chapter was in such contrast to the first chapter, my peer mentioned that I could play with the rotation of all the last chapter as it is completely upside down to what is in the first one, this is something that I had also previously thought of myself.  David mentioned that I could also show this by perhaps having black paper with white text, instead of white paper with black text for the last chapter.

My tutorial has given me a lot more ideas to think about and different ways in which I can now develop my ideas further. Overall it was positive and I am excited to where this ideas can take me.

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