Reading: Crystal Goblet & Designing Books.

To help get us started with the design aspect within this project we were given some valuable articles to read to help with initial ideas of how to set out and design our books. The first article was The Crystal Goblet by Beatrice Ward. Here she talks about typography in a metaphor of drinking wineContinue reading “Reading: Crystal Goblet & Designing Books.”

Themes Within Frankenstein.

When thinking about the different ways in which I can present the beginning and end of Frankenstein within book design, I decided to look further into the themes of the book. Revenge Revenge comes across as one of the most predominate¬†themes within Mary Shelley’s novel. The characters emotions and actions within the novel all revolveContinue reading “Themes Within Frankenstein.”

Open/Close Brief and Research.

For this new project titled ‘Open/Close’ we are set with the task of book designing from a selection of chosen novels, using type setting, format to express the essence of the text. From random selection of the novel going with the one in which I am most familiar with, I decided to explore the novelContinue reading “Open/Close Brief and Research.”