The fashion behind the Hippie and Punk Movement.

Week 1:  For our first session in our new topic of constellation, we started of by discussing what we are going to cover within this new study group as well as going over what is needed within the summative assessment in which we will have at the end of the 7 weeks of lectures. InContinue reading “The fashion behind the Hippie and Punk Movement.”

Editorial Workshop.

As a part of the project we had two workshops led by David and Matt to help teach us more about type detailing. In a presentation given by David he went through the essentials of editorial design such as, grid, layout, margins, type formatting and detailing, and hierarchy. This was a very helpful workshop and madeContinue reading “Editorial Workshop.”

Changing Faces.

For our new project we will be focusing on editorial design. This is something in which I am really excited to challenge myself with. Using all the skills we have already learnt such as image, typography, storytelling etc. we will be challenged with the task of the interpretation and communication of information to a defined audience withinContinue reading “Changing Faces.”