Illustration Brief – Creating a Person.

For the illustration brief we were instructed to think of the people whom would live In Geometrica and the day in the life in which they would go about. As a group we wanted to create a group of people who show the different negative and positive view points of people living in the city,Continue reading “Illustration Brief – Creating a Person.”

Geometrica Presentation.

GEOMETRICA PRESENTATION Above is the presentation in which me and my group produced to showcase the work we have done this week for the graphics brief within this project. Overall I believe the work we have created, works well and coherently together, we worked well as a team and were good in collaborating to improveContinue reading “Geometrica Presentation.”

Designing the Crest.

The crest originated from medieval times, when knight would wear them decoratively on their shields during tournaments. The shield is used to represent the different parts of the country or in this case city, it is important to include the values of the city within the crest. Each part of the design symbolises something important.Continue reading “Designing the Crest.”

Research into Architectural Buildings.

Being bored of repeatedly seeing the same boring, brown, buildings within a city, we wanted to bring aesthetic change by bringing new visual interest to these buildings only allowing architecturally interesting buildings to be seen within our fictional city. When thinking about creating a visual identity for our city the first building that came toContinue reading “Research into Architectural Buildings.”

The Architecturally Beautiful Manifesto.

Today was our first session Collaborating with Animation and Illustration students. We were introduced to the upcoming projects which would revolve around the concept of creating our own fictional city. To divide ourself up into groups we were informed about different zones in which we would pick the one in which applied to us most.Continue reading “The Architecturally Beautiful Manifesto.”

Design as Activism- Formative Feedback.

Today we presented our finalised work for our campaign ‘Pause the Panic.’ Our campaign and individually produced work was well received by our peers, they mentioned how our colour scheme worked well in translating a calm and relaxed feeling and that there was good continuity between all of our work. The though behind the appContinue reading “Design as Activism- Formative Feedback.”

Refining our Brand Ideas.

From the previous discussion as a group, Char then came up with her own logo ideas and concepts in which we could considered adopting for our campaign. Sticking to the colour palette of a blue, she played with the ideas of using PTP as the logo and also experimented with using geometric writing and boxesContinue reading “Refining our Brand Ideas.”