Constellation: Toy’s, What are the Myths?

We began todays session by reading Barthes passage on toys. He goes on to say how French toys mean something which is constituted by the myths of adult life, meaning the toys in which they create prepare children for adult life, such as preparing a girl to be a mother by producing dolls that peeContinue reading “Constellation: Toy’s, What are the Myths?”

Expressive Typography.

In today’s workshop we talked about expressive typography. Typography is able to express emotion in the same way in which imagery could. In this day and age most typography we read is through a computer screen or on television or smart phone, allowing the text to be kinetic to convey emotion. We learn the wayContinue reading “Expressive Typography.”

Constellation: Mythology and Industrial life.

In this weeks constellation we started of by reviewing posters on food advertisements from years ago. This advertisement to the left is from 1940. from looking at the advertisement to me it seems as if they are selling a luxurious item, something you would have as the main course for a big meal or atContinue reading “Constellation: Mythology and Industrial life.”

Constalletion: Introduction into Myth Making in Art and Design.

We started of in our first session of constellation by thinking about what myths are, they are normally linked with legends, parables, they are passed on, somethings that may not be true but are widely believed by many. Within art and design myths can be used as a type of propaganda. We looked at videoContinue reading “Constalletion: Introduction into Myth Making in Art and Design.”

Critical Thinking Techniques.

Today we were given a very useful lecture about critical thinking techniques with Ian. In the morning we were put into groups and each given a critical thinking technique in which we would go of and study and research for the rest of the day. My groups technique was the ‘Attribute Listing’ technique, this wasContinue reading “Critical Thinking Techniques.”

Title Sequences Research.

The title sequences I will be researching, I picked as I believe they all have differences from one another, they are a mixture of movie sequences and television sequences that all celebrate movement in a different way. Stranger Things The opening sequences for stranger things is very simplistic, with a black background and red geneticContinue reading “Title Sequences Research.”